Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things That Would be More Productive Than Blogging and Knitting

-Chemistry Homework
-Any of the ten sketches that, according to my art class, should have been completed weeks ago
-Reading Chapter 4 of "The Creative Writers Handbook" for my English class
-Making a Birthday present for my brother (who's birthday was two days ago...)
-Designing Llama T-Shirts to raise money in order to travel to Ecuador this summer
-Furthering the quality relationship I am attempting to establish with my cat
-Cleaning my room (ie: Cleaning out the closet where I promptly shoved and hid every object that had previously made my room appear messy)
-Finally figuring out how football works
-Writing letters to people that I will lose and then throw away
-Texting one of my best friends, whom I have not seen in four days
-Contemplating what to do with my life
-Contemplating what to eat for dinner
-Contemplating ANYTHING
-Turning on the heater instead of sitting here stubborn and cold
-Working Out for an impending track season
-Studying medical text books
-Writing jokes for my future comedical career
-Figuring out how to spell comedical, and whether or not it is a real word
-Developing a cure to cancer
-Making a To-Do list of everything I need to do (check.)
-Watching paint dry
-Wondering how to make artificial bark
-Finishing math homework that I have been putting off for five days
-Reading a book about how to stop procrastinating


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