Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Secret Society Formed Against Me

I have a theory that all of my teachers have formed a secret society against me. It is even possible that by this point they have teamed up with the school board, the Associated Student Body Council, and Hitler. Over time I have come to realize that many "happy coincidences" are not only not-so-happy, but most likely not so coincidental either.

My teacher's impeccable timing in regards to tests, homework assignments and extracurricular activities is far-too exquisite to be the work of anything other than a cumulative population or a group effort. All major tests, exams, quizzes and essays seem to occur or be due on the same dates. On top of this, they have gone above an beyond all expectations. With eleven years of experience, they have contacted my coaches, parents and all other forms of authority...thus, leaving me with three simple weeks in a row, followed by one absolutely grotesque five days consisting of every trial one could imagine.


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